VERICUT Cutter/Grinder Verification brings the powerful benefits of multi-axis CNC machine simulation and program analysis to cutter/grinder machine users!

VERICUT simulates the cutter/grinder operation and detects mistakes (rapids, collisions, gouges, etc.) before machining, so you can get perfect first-time results without cutting a test part! After simulation, you can perform detailed analysis to make sure the part is correct before machining.

Featuring an interface designed especially for grinding, Cutter/Grinder Verification can be launched from a grinder programming system (such as NUMROTOplus® or Schütte). The interface can be tailored using CGTech’s Customizer module. You can also have the software customized through CGTech’s consulting.

The Cutter/Grinder Machine Simulation module enables you to simulate entire CNC cutter/grinder machines in order to detect collisions, overtravel, and near-misses!

Before you risk crashing your CNC, breaking the cutter, or destroying the grinding wheel, simulate the entire cutting/grinding process in VERICUT! You can model every machine/control in your shop to make sure even the most complex multi-axis machine motion will not cause a problem!


  Vericut Cutter/Grinder