Plant Design

With high order volumes and a limited pool of technical experts, the TRICAD MS® solution for plant construction maximizes your opportunities to continually increase productivity, allowing you to realize even the most complex plants with the resources available to you.

This unique software provides you with opportunities to exploit the advantages of intuitive operation for basic or detailed engineering, block flow charts, P&ID Schematics or 3D layout planning at all stages of the design process. The modular construction of the software allows different users to work on different stages of the design in parallel. To expand your options, TRICAD MS® Plant Construction also supports the use of a database – either in Microsoft Access, Oracle or SQL formats. The major advantage of this support is that it allows a link to be made to other design facets such as steelwork construction, building services, infrastructure and Conveyor systems systems, as well linking the plant design modules such as P&ID and 3D Piping.

Save data to improve design intelligence

Well-designed structures will help you in organizing and storing your data. Time-consuming search actions or modifications are a thing of the past. All of the design data you need is defined just once, and is then available for you in a central repository. The resulting shortened design time will directly increase your competitiveness. The TRICAD MS® Plant Design software has individual options for expansion and adjustment, without the need for special expertise or additional programming. This makes the application incredibly flexible.

Uniform networking and simple implementation.

The advantages of the uniform, networked design package are plain to see - With multiple licenses in your company, you can create a standard environment (env) for all modules. Internal and external users can then work according to these corporate standards. The easy-to-understand structure of the software means you will be up and running within just a few days. Every module is created in the same way. All information is contained within the DGN file, and can be copied to a database for further use at any time. In this way, the TRICAD MS® 3D model can create a virtual version of the entire plant.

Overview of the main advanteages

  • Fast implementation and short learning curve
  • Intelligent Planning, even without a database
  • Low cost of investment
  • Uniform Planning Process (P&ID => 3D => ISO)
  • Cross-System construction for over 10 main building systems
  • Fast implementation of modifications in the 3D model
  • Various views or bills of quantities at the push of a button
  • Wide-ranging exclusions of collisions by the designer (including across building services)

3D Piping

Plant Design - 3D Piping
This 3D module is used to design professional apparatus and pipeline models quickly and efficiently.

Isometric Drawing (Iso X)

Plant Design - Isometric Drawing (Iso X)
The Isometric drawing module allows you to automate the generation of pipeline isometric models from the TRICAD MS® Piping module.

Pipe Categories

Plant Design - Pipe Categories
This module is the ideal tool to help you define and manage standardized components in master Pipe categories or project-specific Pipe categories.

Database vDB

Plant Design - Database vDB
The database is an optional extra that can be activated at any time and that is not mandatory during the design phase.

Steel Platform / Steel Construction

Plant Design - Steel Platform / Steel Construction
This module helps you to create staging and steelwork layouts in 2D and 3D using simple routings with head plates, miter joints or weld gaps.


Plant Design - P&ID
This schematic module allows you to create block flow diagrams, process and P&ID flow diagrams (EN ISO 10628 – formerly DIN 28004) quickly and easily.