Building Services Engineering

Simple solutions for complex tasks

VenturisIT Building Information Modeling (BIM) provides you with a complete toolkit for software-assisted planning, execution and management of buildings.

With this unique range of planning modules, you can combine and link all the relevant building data in a three-dimensional virtual model. TRICAD MS® – the leading industry solution for building services engineering, Digital factory design and plant design – has been optimizing intelligent data records for over a decade. This allows you to play with your ideas rapidly, in a single environment. The major advantage: Even the most complex projects do not require your design and planning teams to work with different tools – they can remain in their favorite environment. Even small design teams can cover all systems and plant and work together on them with your construction experts.

Our Interfaces to other tools such as our longtime partners mh-software and IDAT for the calculations, another partner was won Solar-Computer for pipe network calculation in 2015.Other interfaces to ISOGEN, DIALux, Speedikon and pit-cup FM show how far nowadays, the planners use the data in the CAD.

Identical handling in all plant and systems
Every module of TRICAD MS® operates in practically the same way. In addition, you data is available consistently throughout the system – it need only be entered once. This will significantly reduce the amount of time and money you need to spend. The important integrated calculation options include functions for duct and pipe networks, waste water and radiators and VDS sprinkler calculation via IDAT. The advantages of the uniform, networked TRICAD MS® design package are plain to see - with the implementation of multiple licenses in your company, you can easily create a consistent environment for all modules. These standard settings ensure your designers work together, according to the same set of guidelines.

Building module

Building Services Engineering- Building module
Designing in the 3D model always means needing access to a 3D architect's model. With our Buidling module that is not always the case, since buildings can be created quickly and simply in the form of solid models.


Building Services Engineering - Schematic
The TRICAD MS® Schematic module allows you to create scalable Schematics for heating, ventilation, Sanitary and piping systems quickly and easily.


Building Services Engineering - Heating
This Building module will help you design and evaluate complete heating systems in 3D.


Building Services Engineering - Ventilation
This Building module makes it easy for you to design and evaluate entire ventilation systems for square ducts, round pipes or oval pipes.


Building Services Engineering - Sanitary
This Building module allows you to design water supply and waste water systems, as well as the supply and discharge of gases, oils and other media, in 2D and 3D.


Building Services Engineering - Electri
This module allows you to place electrical installation components in 2D and 3D.


Building Services Engineering - Sprinklers
This independent Building module allows you to design sprinkler systems quite easily in accordance with the VDS regulations and FM standard.


Building Services Engineering - Infrastructure
This tool, developed in collaboration with DaimlerChrysler AG, supports you in the 3D design and evaluation of all major sub-surface duct and pipe/shaft systems.

Fire Protection Layout

Building Services Engineering - Fire Protection Layout
Use TRICAD MS® Fire Protection Layout to create emergency exit plans with fire protection symbols, including guide lines and captions. Design direction arrows, zone identification and edge markings.