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Romanian company FLEXIBIL, from Baia Mare, uses Ansys to simulate a primary conical spring

With a history of over 45 years, Flexibil currently designs, develops, manufactures and tests rubber-metal components and assemblies for various industries.

Today, the company is established in a single location, on a property of 4.5 ha, with a production area of 10200 m2 and over 120 employees.

The goal of FLEXIBIL is to offer high quality customized products that meet all the unique requirements and needs of the customer, in short-term deliveries!

FLEXIBIL products are widely used in various industries, such as railways, industrial production, construction machinery, with sales in countries such as Germany, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Finland, the Netherlands, Poland and other countries around the world.

1. Introduction, product description

The primary conical spring is a rubber metal part which is able to sustain large deformations and is loaded both in compression and shear.

Such parts have many advantages like they are maintenance free, compact, versatile and their specification can cover large intervals of applications with both design and rubber variations.

2. Solution by use of Ansys

Considering the specifics of such parts, namely the large deformations and complex loading in both directions it’s very important to anticipate the part behavior before the actual manufacturing.

By using the finite element tool Ansys, the trial-and-error phase is eliminated or diminished and the costs are greatly reduced by eliminating the trial-and-error manufacturing time and by not manufacturing unnecessary vulcanization tools.

Both design and rubber are fine-tuned in the FEM software until the best solution is achieved for each individual application and conical spring.

The deflections at specific loads in vertical, horizontal and combined directions are calculated with success and so we know what to expect when the part gets manufactured.

Primary conical spring