Ansys Simplorer

Ansys Simplorer is a powerful platform for modeling, simulating and analyzing virtual system prototypes. It enables product development teams to verify and optimize performance of their software-controlled, multi-domain systems designs. With flexible modeling capabilities and tight integrations with Ansys solutions for 3-D multiphysics simulation and Ansys SCADE products for embedded software design, Simplorer provides broad support for assembling system-level physical models and helping product development organizations connect conceptual design, detailed analysis and system verification.


Ansys Simplorer is a key part of model-based design flows in organizations around the globe. It models and simulates multi-domain systems in the automotive, aerospace, electronics, energy and industrial machinery segments. With a unique ability to integrate power electronics, multi-domain dynamics and embedded software, Simplorer is used for electric drives and electromechanical system design, power generation, conversion, storage and distribution systems, EMI/EMC studies, and general multi-domain system optimization and verification.

Simplorer has a long history of success in simulating and analyzing complex power electronic systems. Simplorer libraries include a broad range of state-averaged and switch level components that support modeling at different levels of fidelity required through stages of development. Its proven solver technology is designed to handle the highly nonlinear nature of power circuits efficiently and accurately, including switching elements, analog and digital control, and a mixture of system time constants and multi-domain effects. Powerful waveform analysis tools give engineers the ability to analyze responses, extract measurements, and perform detailed studies of power system behavior.


Multi-Domain System Modeling

  • Powerful Graphical Modeling
  • Access to Extensive Model Libraries
  • Reduced-Order Model Generation from Ansys 2-D/3-D
  • Native Import with SCADE Suite® for Embedded Control Software Design
  • Model Import from External Tools

Simulation-Based Testing: Multi-Domain System Simulation 

  • Robust Solvers
  • Basic Simulation Experiments
  • Advanced Simulation Studies
  • Tool Integration and Customization

Simulation-Based Testing: Analysis and Reporting 

  • Creating Graphical and Tabular Reports
  • Export to Other Environments