Design | CAD

Conceptual, Technological and detailed CAD/CAM

Detailed & colaborative design, 3D modelling, advanced assembly and part detailed production drawings

  • Complex geometries
  • Large assembly
  • Sheet metal parts
  • Styling aesthetics surfaces
  • Etc

Tooling design starting from original part for:

  • plastic parts (mould design - mould cores and cavities, complete mould assembly)
  • sheet metal parts design and manufacturing
  • casted parts: mould, gating, dies

CAD import and repair from various CAD packages;

CAD preparation for simulation packages

Design of manufacturing process, computer simulation of the real NC process.

Development of specialized NC post-processors for specific CNC equipment

Simulation | CAE


  • Static and dynamic (time response), linear and nonlinear analysis / any industry
  • Dynamic (frequency response) analyses / any industry
  • Fatigue life estimation study / any industry


  • Steady state and transient / any industry

Fluid dynamics

  • Steady state and transient / any industry

Coupled field 

  • Steady state and transient / any industry

Explicit solutions

  • Crash (automotive, rail industry), impact (automotive, defence, aerospace, ..), collision and drop test studies
  • Penetration, blast and explosion studies (defence, aerospace, ..)

Electromagnetics (Low and High Frequency)

Casting simulation

Gravitational and high / low pressure casting simulation, investment casting, rotacast

Ferrous (steel and iron) and non-ferrous metals casting simulation

Mould filling and solidification simulation

Quality predictions (porosities, hot crack, cold crack, ..)

Material properties (iron), residual stress and deformed shape (iron and steel)

Optimization for casting process and quality of product

Plastic injection simulation

Filling patterns to predict manufacturing problems, as weld lines, air

Traps, short shots, ..

Density variation and melt flow behaviors during the packing process to

Determine gate freeze time, efficient packing time and pressure, ..

Optimization of the molding and cooling circuit designs to reduce time

Shrinkage and warpage behaviors

Evaluate insert molding, over molding and multi-shot sequential

Molding process

3D fiber orientation

Special injection technologies: GAIM, WAIM, MuCell, ..


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