Rocky DEM and Ansys

Rocky DEM is fully integrated with the Ansys Workbench suite of products, allowing engineers to perform various coupled analyses of particle simulation together with other physics such as structural, fluids, and thermal modeling.

Making use of this integration enables you to reduce the costs associated with design iteration. By linking together Rocky with other Ansys software, Workbench saves you time by automatically transferring data between the programs and automatically updating linked projects based upon the results calculated.

Being fully integrated within Ansys Workbench allows Rocky to:

  • Maximize the design of your geometry components by using Ansys SpaceClaim.
  • Parameterize simulation and setup components by using Ansys DesignXplorer.
  • Conduct FEA analysis of particle forces acting upon geometry components by using Ansys Mechanical.
  • Study how fluid forces and convective heat exchange affect particle flow and temperature by using Ansys Fluent.

In addition, Rocky enables two-way coupled simulations with Ansys Fluent. In these simulations, the fluid affects the particle flow while the particle flow affects the fluid field in return, taking into account momentum and heat exchanged between particles and fluids.

Ansys Fluent Coupling (DEM-CFD)

Rocky-Ansys Fluent coupling is a powerful tool for designing and troubleshooting particulate processes using simulation technology, enabling engineers to analyze a large range of processes in many different industries, including oil and gas, agroindustry, pharmaceutics, mining, and many others.

Ansys Mechanical Coupling (DEM-FEA)

The loads estimated by Rocky DEM analyses are passed to Ansys Mechanical to predict the structural response, or 1-way coupling. This coupling enables static analysis, transient analysis, harmonic analysis, fatigue analysis, and dynamic analysis to be completed on equipment using Rocky DEM data.
Rocky DEM - Fully Ansys Integrated