LuArtX - The Future is open – BIM with CARF The CAD software based on MicroStation

LuArtX, founded in 2018, boasts a team with extensive experience in software development for MicroStation. They specialize in providing top-tier consulting services related to MicroStation software, project environments, and all aspects associated with it. Leveraging their wealth of expertise acquired over the years, the company is well-positioned to respond promptly and with solution-oriented approaches.

Their primary objective is to continuously enhance the success story of factory planning software, adapting to evolving conditions, and offering cutting-edge solutions in the automotive sector. Beginning with a compact yet highly effective team, LuArtX operates closely with their customers, ensuring swift responses to their requirements. They take pride in serving some of the largest German automotive companies in their esteemed clientele.


This dynamic tool redefines the landscape of factory planning and design, particularly in the automotive sector.