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GENESIS for Ansys Mechanical

Genesis Structural Optimization Extension for ANSYS Mechanical

GENESIS Structural Optimization for ANSYS Mechanical (GSAM) is an integrated extension that adds structural optimization to the ANSYS® environment. GSAM can perform topology optimization as well as topography, freeform, sizing and topometry design.

GENESIS Topology Optimization for ANSYS Mechanical (GTAM) is a subset of GSAM. GTAM is limited to topology optimization only.

The highlights of GSAM and GTAM include:

  • Easily add structural optimization to existing ANSYS® Workbench workflows
  • Easy and fast to create structural optimization data
  • Easy and fast to post-process structural optimization results
  • Export optimized geometry in STL or IGES format
  • High-end solution for multiple types of the parameter-free optimization
  • Optimize for multiple types of responses including static, modal, harmonic, thermal, random vibration and etc.
  • Robust and efficient solver: used and proven by a lot of industrial clients

The benefits of GSAM and GTAM include:

  • Tight integration with ANSYS workbench: Allowing the user to set up the structural optimization problem, optimize, post-process, export optimized geometry within ANSYS® environment.
  • Guides new designs: Engineers will be led towards the most structurally efficient use of material
    Identify and resolve design issues: Quickly identifies areas where designs need to be improved and use
  • structural optimization to improve the performance in the most efficient way possible
  • Reduce development time: Get the design right the first time with less iterations
  • Additive Manufacturing: GSAM/GTAM can generate optimal shapes that can be produced using 3D printers.
  • Additive overhang constraint helps creating support free structures