VDI Heat Atlas inside Ansys webinar!

VDI Heat Atlas inside Ansys


September 22, 2020 at 3:00 pm (Romanian Time)

Areas of application

- Thermal design of technical equipment and systems in process and power engineering with the combination of analysis and numerical simulation
- Determination of material properties and physical parameters for the efficient and safe plant design
- Target-oriented parameter analysis through flexible, bidirectional and secure exchange of characteristic data


- Data transfer via ANSYS Workbench Parameter Editor
- Easy definition per Drag & Drop
- Bidirectional data transfer


- Heat Exchange
- Fluid flow through pipes and channels
- Fluid flow around bodies
- Free convection
- Condensation and evaporation 
- Pressure Drop / Fluid Mechanics
- Pipes, fittings, valves and accessories
- Fixed beds
- Multi-phase flow
- Material Properties


- Complete integration of the LV-VDI Heat Atlas computation software in Ansys Workbench
- End-to-end work process from the concept to validation
- Increased productivity, consistent data and the avoidance of input errors
- Plausibility check and unit conversion of the linked parameters
- Fast variant analysis through bidirectional parameter exchange between Ansys Workbench and LV-VDI Heat Atlas

With the purchase of the VDI Heat Atlas inside Ansys extension, you receive

- The entire VDI Heat Atlas is included in electronic form as an e-book and offers additional research possibilities and in-depth background knowledge
- The VDI Heat Atlas as a stand-alone software application
- VDI Heat Atlas inside Ansys
- The interface between the ANSYS Workbench environment and LV Atlas

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