Model-Based Definition

MBD is more efficient than traditional 2D drawing methods

Model-Based Definition (MBD) is the practice of documenting information needed to manufacture and inspect parts and assemblies in 3D models. With Creo, you can deliver annotated models that act as a single source of truth for all downstream users—from manufacturing, to quality, to suppliers. As a result, you can increase productivity and quality by clearly communicating design intent.

A white paper is available to help guide you through the model-based journey by committing to just 3 activities. The white paper explains:

• Why procurement, manufacturing, and quality all need MBD (but may not know it yet)
• 3 steps to get your design data in order
• How (and why) to start small, choosing a well-defined project as you start your journey

In addition to being a world-class CAD solution, Creo is a powerful tool for MBD. Learn about MBD capabilities that are fully integrated into every seat of Creo by reading our brochure, which is available to you for free after you complete the form on this page. Additionally, for a limited time we’re offering a flexible pricing promotion on popular products like Creo GD&T Advisor Plus Extension. Reach out to us for more information after you read the brochure.

Learn Creo's MBD Capabilities