INAS and CADFEM, new partnership announcement
INAS and CADFEM, new partnership

Craiova, January 12th, 2022

INAS, major provider of CAD/CAM/CAE/PLM/IoT/AR solutions and services on the Romanian market, is pleased to announce a new partnership with CADFEM International GmbH, following a 10% share purchase by CADFEM, effective 3rd of January 2022.

The partnership’s main focus, although not limited to, is the Ansys business segment and it will therefore enable an even larger portfolio of simulation services and simulation expertise to be offered on the Romanian market and vice-versa, from INAS to the regions where the CADFEM Group is operating already.

The partnership also aims to facilitate access to a wider base of simulation experts, which we believe to be truly beneficial for all present and future customers, considering the fast-growing importance of simulation across all industries.

As part of the CADFEM Group our companies can now use synergies and offer broader services, following the business approach of “Think global, act local”.

While INAS remains a family owned business in its majority of shareholders and will continue it’s work on the market in a similar manner as in the past 30+ years, we trust this new alliance will bring only benefits on all sides and increase advantage for all our customers.


CADFEM stands for the highest quality worldwide when it comes to simulation solutions in product development and research. The members of the CADFEM Group form with 450 employees the largest ecosystem of ANSYS Channel Partner and adjacent simulation technology companies in various countries in Europe, ASEAN, USA and North Africa. CADFEM’s expertise covers practically every industry and application. With the business model: "think global but act local" CADFEM unites the qualities of a regional firm with the advantages of a global company.


About INAS

Founded 1991 with origins in the aviation industry, INAS maintains its position of major provider for best-in-class CAD/CAM/CAE/PLM/IoT/AR software solutions, training, technical support and consulting services. The company is being recognized as a leading technical consulting center for a wide spectrum of industrial applications from automotive, aerospace and heavy equipment to nuclear and defense.

INAS was founded on the belief that working together as a team with our customers is fundamental to a successful and long-term partnership. The company is committed to deliver the services in a timely manner and with high accuracy of results. Customization of services is also an important component of our job, we always seek to offer the most suitable solution to every customer, no matter we’re talking about software implementations, technical support and training or consulting projects.

INAS is an Ansys Channel Partner since 1991, currently covering all major areas of physics: structural, thermal, fluid dynamics and electromagnetics.