The Power of Creo Simulation Live

Creo Simulation Live
In a recent research study of engineering companies, 96% of respondents said that if simulation results were instant, they could have fewer late stage problems, faster time to market, more optimized products, more innovative design, and become more competitive.

But instant simulation results within a parametric 3D CAD modeler haven't been possible—before now.
PTC and simulation giant ANSYS have partnered to bring you Creo Simulation Live, ground-breaking software embedded within Creo Parametric that carries out structural, modal, and thermal analysis in seconds. The secret? It draws its processing power from your computer's GPU.

This is a game changer. No more spending hours or days preparing models and waiting for simulation results. It's easy to use, and built especially for design engineers.

As you change your design, the simulation updates in real time, guiding you to create the best model possible while you work.

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