GENESIS v16.0 - News

Vanderplaats R&D is excited to announce the release of our latest version of GENESIS v16.0 and its graphical interface Design Studio for GENESIS v16.0. Below are some of the highlights/features in this new release.

GENESIS v16.0 Highlights

  • Multi-model Optimization
  • Heat Transfer Topology Optimization
  • Reliability based Optimization
  • New Fabrication Constraints for Topology: Casting without holes
  • Updated DOT Optimizer: GENESIS now uses DOT 7.2 which is the latest version of the DOT optimizer.
  • Enhancements with Contact Analysis
  • Enhanced Super Elements
  • Improvements in Performance.

Design Studio v16.0 Highlights

  • Genesis 16.0 Compatibility: Enhanced to handle all the new capabilities of GENESIS v16.0
  • Multi-model support: Open multiple model/input files simulataneously
  • Element/Group Selection performance enhancement. Modified algortihm for selecting groups/elements to imporve perfromance on certain graphics hardware
  • Support for designing for Additive Manufacturing with the Lattice Bar Toolkit plugin
  • Drag-drop on to the Design Studio Viewport: Input/post-processing files can be dragged and dropped on to the Design Studio Viewport
  • Bar forces/stresses are supported for post-processing
  • 1D elements can be displayed as solid so that the crossectional shape and dimensions are visible.

If you would like a free trial of Genesis, or any of our other products, please visit our website to request a Software Evaluation.

We hope you find the new features added to this release useful and we encourage you to upgrade so you can benefit from this new release.  For more information on GENESIS, Design Studio and other VR&D products, please do not hesitate to contact us or check our web site.


About Vanderplaats Research & Development, Inc.

VR&D was founded by Dr. Garret N. Vanderplaats in 1984 for the advancement of numerical optimization in industry. Dr. Vanderplaats is a widely recognized expert with over four decades experience in the optimization field. He is a Fellow of the AIAA and is the 2002 recipient of the AIAA Multidiscipline Design Optimization Award “For his great impact on the application of optimization to engineering design through teaching, algorithm development, and the creation of outstanding software.” Over the years, the company has evolved into a premier software company, developing and marketing a number of design optimization tools, providing professional services and training, and engaging in ongoing advanced research. All developers hold advanced degrees (most with Ph.D.s) in design optimization and collectively have nearly 100 years experience in optimization, research, and software development.


About INAS

INAS is a leading provider for high-end CAD/CAM/CAE/PLM software solutions, training, technical support and consulting services, for Romanian industry. INAS is partner and authorized reseller of products VR&D in Romania in 2015.


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