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Combining TwinMesh and ANSYS CFX offers engineers a unique, efficient, and fast workflow for transient, three-dimensional computational fluid and thermal analyses of gerotor pumps, lobe pumps, gear pumps, screw compressors, and scroll compressors at maximum reliability. 

TwinMesh is a novel meshing software for positive displacement (PD) machines with one or two axially parallel rotors and continuous (e.g. gerotor pumps) or discontinuous (e.g. screw compressors, lobe pumps) rotor geometries.

Our software automatically generates high quality structured meshes of the rotating parts of PD machines and eliminates common numerical limits. TwinMesh drives real innovation in the field of PD machines helping engineers to realise a faster time-to-market, higher machine quality, longer durability, and decreasing development costs.

TwinMesh - Easy Import

Easy Import

In TwinMesh the import of rotor and casing contours is realised as a 2D cross section via IGES format or CSV text files. Casing curves can also be generated in TwinMesh. All these contours can be easily scaled in order to modify e.g. clearance dimensions between rotors and casing. Rotor positions can also be adapted after the import defining axis-positions for the directions X and Y. If required, TwinMesh then automatically generates interfaces between the rotor meshes.

TwinMesh - Auto Generation of Hexahedral Meshes

Auto Generation of Hexahedral Meshes

In the next step TwinMesh generates hexahedral meshes for all user defined rotation angles. Using special smoothing algorithms the software takes care of a sufficient gap resolution, smooth changes between small gaps and larger chambers and an homogeneous element distribution.

TwinMesh - Easy Export

Easy Export

After a final check of the numerical quality the grids can be exported as 3D model or as 2D model. The export data of TwinMesh contains all required meshes for a transient flow simulation as well as the required routines for the automatic mesh import while running the simulation in ANSYS CFX. Also, a ready-to-run simulation template is exported by TwinMesh, which enables an immediate start of a flow analysis with ANSYS CFX. Using the structured grids from TwinMesh singlephase and multiphase CFD and CHT simulations can be performed in ANSYS CFX.

You are welcome to attend our free webinar on „TwinMesh for Reliable CFD Analysis of Rotating Positive Displacement Machines“. Please feel free to ask our experts about the advances in TwinMesh capabilities after the webinar.



  • Brief introduction to CFD-simulations of rotating machinery
  • Fast and efficient workflow for mesh generation and model setup using TwinMesh
  • Simulation of PD machines using ANSYS CFX
  • Examples: gerotor, lobe and gear pumps, screw and scroll compressors, Wankel engine, and progressive cavity pumps

For more information please visit "Webinar TwinMesh".


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