ANSYS Discovery Roundtable


Simulation is one of the most critical engineering technologies in the age of the Internet of Things, electrification and additive manufacturing, but it is still seen the domain of specialists and used predominantly for the most complex engineering projects. With our Discovery product family, we are empowering every engineer to take advantage of powerful simulation tools upfront in the design process to build optimized, lighter and smarter products. Discovery Live is part of the ANSYS 3-D Design family which accelerates product development and brings innovations to market faster and more affordable. Part of this family is also SpaceClaim Direct Modeler and  ANSYS AIM.

This roundtable hosted by ANSYS, Inc. will focus on outlining the existing and new cuttingedge technology from ANSYS, enabling simulation for every engineer early in the product development stage, as well as provide an opportunity for dialogue about your current and future design and product development needs.

Focused audience

Design engineers or simulation engineers who do simulations in a very early development stage with many design studies.  Managers (Head of Design) are very welcome to the discussion, too.

The event is focused on Major Accounts only (as Continental).

Number of attendees is limited to 20.


This event will take place on November 07, 2017 (10:00 – 14:00), in Germany at the ANSYS Office in Otterfing, Staudenfeldweg 20, 83624



ANSYS Discovery Roundtable - Agenda


Please register by sending an email to bojan.radmanovic@ansys.com.

About the Speaker
Tejas Rao | Manager, ANSYS Discovery Technical Team

Tejas has been with ANSYS for 16 years, helping our customers deploy simulation in their product development process. In the past few years, Tejas has focused on the democratization of simulation by helping design engineers utilize ANSYS technology earlier in the design cycle. Tejas has a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan State University and is based near Detroit.



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