Hole Detection & Drilling

NCG CAM has automatic hole detection for all holes, chamfers and cones that form part of the same hole composite . When detecting holes they can be filtered by minimum or maximum diameters, depth, angle (tool axis) colour.

NCG CAM will then display a number of folders representing all the axis directions found. These can then be sub -divided into drilling data folders with holes of the same size and depth. The various cycles can then be applied . Cylindrical holes, chamfers and cones, that have the same tool axis and drilling start point are connected, so multiple cycle operations can be performed.

Cycles supported on all post -processors are: spot drilling, deep drilling, deep drilling with chip break, reaming, tapping left and right hand, thread milling (internal, external, left have and right hand), boring, boring with spindle orientation and bore milling. Bore milling may be emulated for some controllers.