Case Studies

The following examples demonstrate how our customers successfully exploit NCG CAM.

RP Tooling Ltd increase machining capacity by 50% using NCG CAM.

RP Tooling Ltd is a modern, highly efficient toolmaking company based in the heart of the West Midlands, UK. RP Tooling specialise in the manufacture of investment tools, injection mould tools, component manufacture and rapid tooling for a wide variety of industries including aerospace, automotive and commercial markets.

Shorter lead times were required to remain competitive in the manufacturing industry, especially against low cost production offered from toolmakers in Asia. At the same time RP Tooling needed to ensure that they maintained their established reputation for quality.

Results from Purchasing NCG CAM

  • 50% savings on programming and machining time has doubled their CNC machining capacity.

  • Increased profits as a result of reduced processing time and machining errors being reduced to a minimum.

  • Able to provide customers with more comprehensive machining solutions.

  • Able to easily add-on full simultaneous 5-axis option to NCG CAM later on, when a 5-axis CNC machine is purchased.

Pinfold Patterns Ltd diversify into toolmaking using NCG CAM.

Established since 1999 in West Midlands, UK, Pinfold Patterns specialise in producing a variety of tools, including foam tools, vac form tools, prototype models and patternmaking. Pinfold Patterns has produced tools to suit vehicles/applications for JCB, Rover, BMW, Bentley, Airbus, Terex, LTI, Dennis Eagle and several medical companies.

Pinfold Patterns were looking to diversify to offer toolmaking as well as patternmaking. They would be competing with larger companies and needed software that was reliable and could help them to keep the cost of producing the tools down to a minimum. At the same time the tools produced had to be good quality and compatible with Correa machining centres.

Results from Purchasing NCG CAM

  • Made diversifying into toolmaking easy, as so easy to learn and use NCG CAM.

  • Able to provide customers with more comprehensive machining solutions.

  • Able to add a second machine tool due to increased work from the successful new toolmaking facilities.

Class 100 Ltd diversify and expand while reducing lead times with NCG CAM.

Established since 1992 in Hertfordshire, UK, Class 100 specialise in 3D machining of prototypes, mould tools, vacuum form tools, special purpose jigs & fixtures and vibration welding fixtures.

Class 100 were initially looking for an easy to use CAM package that was suitable for bureau programming work.

Results from Purchasing NCG CAM

  • Toolpaths, especially the roughing, are very quick to generate, keeping lead times to a minimum.

  • Able to purchase a Haas machine tool to utilise NCG CAM and diversify into running an in-house toolroom with ease.

  • Able to further diversify to offer simultaneous 4-axis capabilities to customers by adding the NCG CAM 5-axis add-on option

Virtual Tool & Composites Inc. reduce machining times dramatically using NCG CAM.

Virtual Tool & Composites Inc., Windsor, Canada has many years experience in 3-axis, 3+2 axis, high speed machining, utilising a range of machining centres including some with very large working envelopes. Virtual Tooling customers range across industries such as aerospace, energy, automotive, mold & die and oil and gas industries.

Virtual Tool & Composites Inc. were looking for a reliable, easy to use shop-floor programming system that was capable of machining 3-axis, 3+2 axis with reliable collision free execution.

Results from Purchasing NCG CAM

  • Machining times were dramatically reduced by being able to use shorter tools when machining complex parts

  • NCG CAM is well suited to mold, tool & die

  • Training of additional staff is no longer a worry, as NCG CAM is so easy to use

Dynamic Die & Steel Ltd. Adopting NCG CAM on the shop-floor reduces machining lead times by up to 95%.

Dynamic Die & Steel (Sheffield) Ltd were looking for a shop-floor CAM system suitable for their high speed machining centres, that would address the rapid turn around required when producing very large forging die tools.

Results from Purchasing NCG CAM

  • Machining lead times have been significantly reduced from 8 weeks down to just 2 days

  • Operators can make modifications straight away, by using the software on the shop-floor, saving time

  • The amount of benching has been minimised , as the smooth cutter paths produced by NCG CAM give excellent surface finish

  • Training of additional staff is no longer an issue, as NCG CAM is so easy to use

Beta-Tech Precision Tooling and Automation. Invest in NCG CAM for complex surface machining.

Beta-Tech needed a 3D CAM system with enhanced capability that would easily cut complex, organically shaped surfaces. Cost-efficiency was also important, being able to leverage the multi-threading capability needed to calculate multiple toolpaths simultaneously. As Beta-Tech has experienced growth combined with the purchase another company, increased throughput and large part performance was a major requirement.

Results from Purchasing NCG CAM

  • Delivered gouge-free toolpaths that calculate quickly when machining complex parts

  • Obtained a seamless integration to SolidWorks while running standalone

  • NCG CAM reduced machining calculation time of complex jobs

  • Easily integrated into Beta-Techs manufacturing environment with it’s logical user interface

Broch Adler Invest in NCG CAM for complex surface machining.

In order to expand their production, the company had to set-up its own in-house tool-room. As well as purchasing a machining centre, it was also necessary to have the facilities to create programs for 3-axis machining in house. As the tooling is used for production of quality forgings the doubly curved surfaces needed to be machined to accurately.

Results from Purchasing NCG CAM

  • Easy and fast creation of NC programs also within complex shaped surfaces

  • High speed and accurate machining

  • Thanks to optimisation, NCG CAM reduces time that is needed for the defining toolpath and its calculation, as well as production time

  • Prompt implementation thanks to easy and intuitive user interface