NCG CAM Solutions Ltd products company - INAS S.A. is partner and authorized reseller of products NCG CAM in Romania in 2009.

NCG CAM is a stand-alone HSM CAM system that integrates with existing CAD and CAM systems including Pro/ENGINEER, Creo, IRONCAD and SOLIDWORKS.

NCG CAM boasts many innovative features including automatic 3D roughing. This is suitable for all types of forms, creating an optimised and smooth cutter motion for HSM machining, while helping to extend tool life, minimising wear on the machine tool and producing parts with excellent surface finish.

3-Axis Base Module

NCG CAM 3 Axis - Base Module

NCG CAM’s automatic roughing of surface data is suitable for all types of 2D or 3D forms, creating an optimised, smooth cutting motion for high speed ...

5-Axis Add-on Module

NCG CAM - Simultaneous 5-axis Add-on Module

NCG CAM simultaneous 5-axis module is an add-on to the base module of NCG CAM. It does not run as a standalone product.


NCG CAM - General

NCG CAM - General

The NCG CAM kernel was one of the first CAM systems to utilise multithreading capabilities and allow the users to calculate 2 or more toolpaths simultaneously.

Case Studies

NCG CAM - Case Studies
The following examples demonstrate how our customers successfully exploit NCG CAM.