Moldex3D Professional Solution Package

On top of eDesign Package, Moldex3D Professional Package offers designers tools to simulate all types of designs. Users are able to obtain product insights and properties, and further to optimize processes before physical parts are built.

Professional Solution Package is added with 3D Coolant CFD to fulfill requirements for RHCM and Conformal Cooling analysis to bring more benefits and value to users. Designer BLM module with Non-Matching mesh technology is also added into preprocessing interface to facilitate the part and mold modeling, and auto meshing technology enables users to work in CAD with no need for advanced CAD knowledge. Moldex3D Professional Package helps companies to enhance design reliability, reduce development costs, and shorten time to market.

  • Simple ways to build all kinds of models.

  • Automatic eDesign meshing technology for 3D modeling

  • Designer BLM with Non-Matching mesh topology technology supported

  • Results with figures and animations enhance communication

Create a part with complete runner and cooling system within few clicks

The 3D model pre-processor Designer provides an automatic interface for users to build their parts with ease. Auto wizards guide you through steps of creating melt deliver systems, coolant channels and moldbases, with automated error detection. The pre-processors simplify the model creation and allow designers to validate designs efficiently.

Perform 3D numerical analyses with accuracy

3D solvers tackle complex injection-molded parts with confidence and efficiency. Designers are able to obtain in-depth knowledge and detect potential defects from comprehensive analyses. The Material Database and Process Wizard assist users to easily iterate on design changes and optimize their processes in early stages.

Generate reports automatically and present results in multiple ways

Post-processing tools enable users to demonstrate molding process and product properties with real-time contours, graphs and animation. From the automatic report generator, you benefit on quick reports and efficient communication. Moldex3D brings you confidence in your design and helps you in successful decision making.

Moldex3D Professional include:


Moldex3D - Flow

Moldex3D Flow enables users to simulate the filling patterns of injection molding to help predict potential manufacturing problems, such as weld lines, air traps, short shots, sink marks, etc., and verify gate contribution for flow balance.


Moldex3D - Pack

Moldex3D Pack incorporates the material compressibility (PVT changes) to fully simulate the density variation and melt flow behaviors during the packing process. It helps users precisely determine gate freeze time, efficient packing time and packing pressure, and warpage prediction to minimize high volumetric shrinkage.


Moldex3D - Cool

Moldex3D Cool improves cooling system productivity and efficiency to optimize mold and cooling circuit designs and reduce cycle times, especially for complicated geometry parts simulation. Furthermore, the advanced transient cool feature is also supported to bring more accurate analyses for variotherm heating system, such as RHCM, and conformal cooling process simulation. Users can easily observe dynamic mold temperature and optimize cooling process.


Moldex3D - Warp

Moldex3D Warp provides a reliable analysis capability to simulate the key issues of shrinkage and warpage behaviors, further controlling the blemishes of molded products.


Moldex3D - MCM

Moldex3D MCM diversifies the development of plastic molded product. Its explicit analysis capabilities enable users to evaluate insert molding, overmolding and multi-shot sequential molding process, helps accurately observe interaction behaviors and minimize part warpage.

3D Coolant CFD

Moldex3D - 3D Coolant CFD

Among various cooling solutions, conformal cooling has gained importance due to its proven success in cost and cooling time reduction. Moldex3D 3D coolant CFD assists users in evaluating the effectiveness of cooling layout design and validating potential molding problems.

RIM (Reaction Injection Molding)

Moldex3D - RIM (Reaction Injection Molding)

Moldex3D RIM Solution is able to analyze the reactive injection molding process for thermoset materials. The typical applications include injection molding of unsaturated polyester, polyurethane, liquid silicon rubber, epoxy molding compound, etc. It is capable of simulating cavity filling and curing, part warpage, fiber orientation, multi-component process, etc.

Designer BLM

Moldex3D - Designer BLM

Moldex3D Designer BLM (Boundary Layer Mesh) is one of the most suitable mesh technologies for CAE application of plastic injection molding. The powerful meshing kernel allows users to apply different mesh types for different attribute such as cavity, part insert, runner, and cooling channel. Non-matching mesh topology is supported for all standard analysis items including flow, pack, cool and warp. Especially in MCM application, solver will automatically calculate the continuous results between part and part insert. Users can significantly shorten the time in pre-processing phase as well.


Moldex3D - Designer

Moldex3D Designer, designers are able to verify and optimize design changes more effectively and more flexibly.

Parallel Computing

Moldex3D - Parallel Computing

All Moldex3D 3D solvers support multi-core and multi-CPU parallel computing to greatly shorten simulation time. Parallel computing can be done locally at your desktop or remotely on a computing cluster.


Moldex3D - Viewer

Moldex3D Viewer is a standalone and free tool that visualizes Moldex3D’s analysis results. It can generate reports automatically in HTML or PowerPoint format. With its extensive visualization capabilities, users can view pros and cons of all simulations and share identification with their teams, mold makers, engineers, executives, partners, and customers.