Moldex3D Mesh

Moldex3D Mesh supports various mesh types, including 2D triangular and quadrilateral, 3D tetrahedral, prismatic, hexagonal, voxel (brick) and pyramid meshes. Several mainstream meshing methods are available in Moldex3D Mesh: pure triangle surface meshing, quadrilateral dominate surface meshing, pure tetra generation, boundary layer meshing, pure voxel meshing, hybrid meshing method and midplane mesh extraction. You can choose among them to create the mesh model depending on your specific simulation needs.

High Resolution 3D Mesh: BLM

Among the automatic and semi-automatic mesh generators that are available in Moldex3D Mesh, the Boundary Layer Mesh (BLM) generator is the most powerful one for complex geometries. The BLM generator allows users to firstly generate inward one or two layers of prismatic meshes out of the triangular surface mesh of the object, followed by filling up the internal space with quality-controlled tetrahedral mesh. With this unique BLM, FEA solvers can capture the variable distribution, such as temperature, more accurately with much less number of elements than the isotropic tetrahedral mesh. Moreover, the BLM model also benefits the FEA solvers by much more quality mesh than the multilayer anisotropic tetrahedral ones.

Midplane Mesh Extraction: Moldex3D TSV-Midplaner

As an add-on of Moldex3D Mesh, Moldex3D TSV-Midplaner is developed specifically for Moldex3D shell users to solve their chronic challenges to complicated and tedious shell mesh preparation tasks. The automatic midplane mesh generator, fully integrated with TechnoStar, enables extracting high-quality midplane mesh for accurate simulations and modifying common meshing problems, such as missing faces, poor joining of faces or inaccurate thickness results. With its interoperable and easy-to-use interface, the seamless workflow from design to meshing will significantly improve productivity and efficiency for shell part design, verification and optimization.

Although Moldex3D Mesh is designed to suit various application fields, it is highly customized in preparing injection molding shell/solid mesh models for the Moldex3D simulation software. Starting from the NRUBS geometry of your product, you can quickly mesh it using various tools provided by Moldex3D Mesh, assign injection molding attributes, and then export a mesh model file for Moldex3D simulation.


  • Moldex3D Mesh is built in Rhino, therefore, it inherits all Rhino’s powerful CAD operation capabilities that can help users do pre-processing task very flexibly and easily.
  • The development of Moldex3D-Mesh focused on the needs of the user and based on the simplicity and effectiveness fundamental.
  • Functionalities for pure triangle surface meshing and quadrilateral dominate surface meshing methods are offered.
  • Functionalities for auto tetra generation, boundary layer meshing, hybrid meshing and voxel meshing are offered.
  • Functionalities for mesh topology checking tools, quality control tools and mesh editing tools are offered.
  • Because Moldex3D Mesh supports many CAD geometry and CAE finite element model files, it could be as a file translator and bridges the gap between CAD and CAE.
  • Moldex3D Mesh adds value by directly integrated with Moldex3D products. The seamless integration offers complete attribute settings for injection molding simulation. Reduces time and cost associated with numerical analysis through the direct use of CAD geometry in the simplest computer environment.


  • Geometry interface: IGES, STEP, ACIS, PARASOLID, CATIA, Creo (Pro/Engineer), Unigraphics, SolidWorks, AutoCAD, STL and others.
  • Versatile mesh density control.
  • Structured and unstructured shell mesh generation
  • Reconstruction of existing unstructured shell or solid mesh
  • Automatic tetrahedral generation
  • Alternative tetrahedral meshing algorithms
  • Automatic pyramid elements creation
  • Automatic boundary layer mesh generation
  • Automatic surface mesh refinement according to geometry characteristic
  • Semiautomatic hexahedral & prism elements generation tools
  • Support hybrid meshing method
  • Support pure voxel meshing method
  • Function for solid mesh generation from lines
  • Shell/Solid element topology checking function
  • Support local refinement meshing approach
  • Function to remove the tiny feature surface mesh
  • Graphic element quality check
  • Automatic shell/solid elements quality improvement
  • Automatic fix poor quality shell/solid elements
  • Automatic thickness definition for shell mesh
  • Automatic repair broken surface mesh topology
  • Support merge nodes functions for shell and solid mesh
  • Attribute setting for injection molding simulation
  • Support the function to load the boundary condition for CAE analysis
  • Support the function to set the attribution for plastic injection molding parts
  • Support the functions to set the attribution for IC Packaging modeling.