What is iSLM? 

iSLM is an intelligent and interactive data management platform designed for plastic engineering companies. The items of data management include model feature size, gate size, gate type, cooling system design, mold tryout parameters, CAE simulation results etc. Users can simply centralize the important and valuable data in the iSLM platform throughout the entire product development lifecycle.

The mold number-based storage structure easily links and tracks a bunch of data, it can help you not only visualize the CAE simulation results, but also check the on-site mold tryout experiments. Furthermore, you can monitor the manufactured part quality by checking mold design related information on iSLM.

With the capacity to upload tens of thousands of data, iSLM can accommodate the team members across many involved divisions. It enables swift communication between parties making comparison of different design approaches easy and productive.

Why iSLM?

  1. The centralized data management can help not only streamline the data but also increase the controllability and reusability, moreover, effectively transform the users’ experience into valuable digital assets and increase the core competitiveness of company.
  2. With iSLM, team members can easily exchange information timely. Whether you are a part designer, CAE engineer, mold designer or tooling operator, you are welcome to be a part of a data driven teamwork.
  3. iSLM is a web-based cloud service, you can easily access through a browser without any geographical limitation. No matter you are in a scale of SMBs companies or running an international project, iSLM can completely satisfy the collaborative working needs.


What can iSLM do?

Solution Management

Solution management oversees managing the mold design and solution in each stage. It includes:

  • Storage of Moldex3D projects
    Users can upload Moldex3D projects to iSLM, and utilize iSLM as the primary backup system. It can extract and preview the project data automatically online, saving the time of file transfer and email communications.

  • DFM and archive
    DFM report can be prepared in iSLM or recorded as meeting minutes. iSLM provides customized DFM items in accordance with the company’s request which ensures the DFM data to be uniform and systematic. Except DFM, you can upload any other mold related documents or reports into the system.

  • Permission control
    Data sharing and data security control are extremely important for this collaboration platform. In iSLM, solution owner can assign authority for each member. You can freely share the data online but still maintain the highest level of data security.

Mold Tryout Management

  • Storage mold tryout data
    iSLM maintains the live mold tryout by linking Moldex3D simulation results and providing molding parameters in advance. It also records the on-site trial data and product defects and automatically generates on-site tryout report accordingly.

  • Product quality inspection record
    The users from quality control department can upload the product quality inspection data and reports. The product quality inspection items are also customized per user’s request.

  • Comparison between virtual and real
    The on-site mold tryout data can be compared with the virtual CAE data. Users can make online comparisons of flow front and short shots and the iSLM system will generate a comparison report for them.

Knowledge Management

  • Search and compare historical design
    The classified historical design can be searched by filters. Users can visualize the historical data by statistical pipeline or list items. They can compare not only CAE virtual data, but also the on-site tryout data which can be viewed at the same time. iSLM system can be used as a Knowledge Management system for part, mold and molding process design.

  • Statistics of your design data
    iSLM system can provide statistical data based on the applied filter. Users can check the design tendency or the difference tendency between virtual and real life. The statistical data will help team members to make the right decision for the coming challenges.