Compression Molding (IC Packaging)

What Can Moldex3D Do?

  • Visualize the compression molding process on flip chip
  • Predict potential defects and optimize process conditions
  • Support compression molding simulation on wafer level packaging
  • Evaluate the effects of shear stress on die shift behavior
  • Simulate the plunger movement and visualize the filling behavior inside the pot
  • Support particle tracking and wire sweep analysis

Applicable Industries

IC Packaging

What Is Compression Molding?

Compression Molding is a process in which the molding polymer, called charge or compound, is squeezed into a preheated mold to form the shape of the mold cavity with heat and pressure until the charge has cured. The process is suitable for parts that require complex geometry, high strength and high impact resistance. Its main benefits are high-volume production and low costs. Thermoset materials with chopped fibers and particulate fillers are typically applied in compression molding, but few thermoplastic materials are also applicable.

Conventional IC Packaging Issues

  • How to reduce the contact angle
  • High costs
  • Time consuming

Explore Moldex3D’s Capabilities

  • Visualize the filling behavior inside flip chip in the compression molding process
  • Support wafer level packaging simulation
  • Evaluate the changes of melt thickness during the compression molding process