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PTC Mathcad is Engineering Math Software That Allows You to Perform, Analyze, and Share Your Most Vital Calculations.

Calculations are the heart of your engineering information. You and your team must be able to find, reuse, and share this important intellectual property.

But how often have you been forced to hunt through a collection of spreadsheets, code, and notebooks to uncover what you need - and then schedule more time to have someone explain it? Assuming that employee is still with the company.

PTC Mathcad has all your engineering notebook’s ease-of-use and familiarity - combined with live mathematical notation, units intelligence, and powerful calculation capabilities. This engineering math software allows you to present your calculations with plots, graphs, text, and images in a single document. Nobody needs specialized skills to understand PTC Mathcad data, and now that your intellectual property has been preserved, you can leverage it for other projects.

In PTC Creo Simulate, you define forces, but how do you determine which force value to use? With PTC Mathcad, you can solve, analyze, and document essential engineering calculations, including forces and boundary conditions, before you run them through something like finite element analysis.

Imagine you want to know how the spring in a car’s suspension will respond to a bad road. If you driving the car at 65 mph with 18-inch tires and hit a pothole that is 3-inches deep and 15-inches in diameter, how much force does the spring experience?

You can calculate the answer using industry equations provided in PTC Mathcad. The calculated forces could then be used as values in the finite element analysis, which calculates the stresses and strains that the spring will experience under the defined conditions.

Capabilities and benefits

Create, Manage, and Communicate Your Design Intent With One ToolPTC Mathcad

Why use several types of software when PTC Mathcad has what you need?

Open up a worksheet and perform your engineering calculations using the math notation you’re used to. Add images, write some text, and put in graphs or plots. Your PTC Mathcad worksheet is more than just engineering calculation software or a professionally-formatted document: it’s the place where your design intent lives. Curious? The short videos below range from a brief overview to demos of specific software capabilities.

Mathcad Library

Mathcad Library

Mathcad Extensions

Mathcad Extensions

Mathcad Techniques

Mathcad Techniques
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Mathcad/Microstation Integration

Through the automatic exchange of data between PTC Mathcad and Bentley Microstation software (for building, plant, civil, and geospatial engineering), engineers can achieve a single platform to integrate calculations with results from engineering software applications used to support the entire product/project development process. Mathcad-based calculations can drive MicroStation designs.

The integration enables engineers to harness results of complex calculations computed in Mathcad to drive 3D designs parametrically in Bentley's MicroStation computer-aided design (CAD) software. The integration capabilities allow engineers to use calculations based upon material properties and project requirements in numerous what-if scenarios. The many engineers who use MicroStation no longer need to spend time copying, pasting and transcribing between applications, and risk the related errors. For example, a common usage scenario might involve an engineer performing calculations in Mathcad to compute the dimensions of I-beam in a skyscraper. These dimensions can be automatically exported as parameters to Bentley's MicroStation, instantly updating the CAD model, allowing for computationally based parametric modeling. Users will have a dynamic link from MicroStation to the calculation that will not only indicate that a calculation exists, but also allow them to navigate to the calculation sheet from the Project Index in MicroStation. Mathcad is the first software solution to take advantage of the 3D parametric modeling capabilities in MicroStation, and the integration significantly enhances the value of both solutions for architects and engineers.

MicroStation is Bentley's flagship product for the design, construction and operation of the world's infrastructure. MicroStation and ProjectWise, Bentley's integrated system of collaboration servers, form a robust platform for Bentley's comprehensive portfolio of software solutions. MicroStation makes engineers more productive and their organizations more successful.

Mathcad enables engineers to simultaneously explore, calculate and document all of their mathematical formulas and calculations during the design phase of a product. Engineers can combine formulas, text and interactive graphics in a single worksheet via an intuitive "whiteboard" interface. These capabilities have made Mathcad the choice of more than 2 million engineers throughout the world.

Bentley is an obvious partner for Mathcad because of common vision of how to help engineering organizations achieve improved productivity. Mathcad and MicroStation are a powerful match due to their shared capabilities of managing critical engineering values and enabling engineering innovation.


  • IP Protect: Leverage the power of your engineering calculations without unauthorized access or distribution. Your calculations are your competitive differentiators, why leave them outside of your control?
  • Universal Access: Your team is not sitting at a desk 40 hours a week. Why require them to have the full authoring tool and be in their office to run a what-if scenario? Anybody, anywhere, on any device can run a certified calculation scenario.
  • Certified Calculation Hub: You’ve spent years refining, testing and approving the calculations in your engineering design process. Now you can standardize on these calculations across and beyond your organization.
  • Timely and Trusted Results: Gone are the days of team members searching for the correct, certified calculations. A single point of entry provides access to all of your calculation best practices.
  • Easy Deployment: Using standard web technology, PTC Mathcad Gateway is easy to install, configure and expand to cover your growing needs. No special hardware or software is required, we work with your existing infrastructure.