MAGMA GmbH  products company - INAS S.A. is partner and authorized reseller of products MAGMA in Romania in 1994.

MAGMA 5 – fully optimize

Metalcasting. Understanding. Robustness. Profitability.

MAGMA  is the next generation of simulation software for virtual experimentation and optimization in all metalcasting applications.

  • Virtual test plans and automatic optimization
  • Parametric design of casting rigging
  • Modeling capabilities for all casting processes
  • Automatic result evaluation and assessment


MAGMA - fully optimize
Simulating the casting process with MAGMA5 provides foundries with technological and competitive advantages that increase profits and aid in the optimization of the entire casting process.

Cast Iron

MAGMAiron - The full picture: Iron Casting Simulation
Casting process insight and understanding can be calculated in advance. By providing transparency and distinguishing between cause and effect, simulation creates the foundation for ...


Steel - Shape the Future: Steel Casting Simulation
Steel castings are strategic components in sectors beyond mining and power generation. Steel casting manufacturing takes significant amounts of manpower and is also characterized by raw ...

Die Casting

Die Casting - Simply Profitable: Simulation in High Pressure Die Casting
The path to lower costs begins with the systematic reduction and elimination of costly casting trials and tooling modifications prior to production. Less scrap, reduced rework and fewer ...


Magma Non-Ferrous - Reliable Decisions: Simulation in Non-Ferrous Casting
Casting is a complex manufacturing process that involves many critical variables. Multiple aspects have to be considered simultaneously, so that in the end you can deliver ...

Core and Mold

Core and Mold - Knowledge Counts! Core and Mold Simulation
Improvements are only possible when you systematically implement knowledge of the metal casting process. Simulation software from MAGMA is based not only on physics and ...

Casting Design

Magma Casting Design - Connecting Worlds: Simulation for Casting Part Designers
Casting designers agree that the use of casting process simulation in the early casting development phase offers the greatest benefits. This is because the direct inspection of new casting designs ...

Case Studies

Case Studies - Magma
The following examples demonstrate how our customers successfully exploit MAGMASOFT in order to realize better casting quality, cost savings or reduction of development times.