High Performance Engineering Solutions 2023


HPES 2023 - Hands-on


Important for Hands-on Sessions:

  • Opportunity for business talks; Limited places.

  • Please early register for the Hands-On sesssions, taking into account the limited number of seats! (8 for each software).
  • For the Hands-on sessions, please make sure you bring your personal laptop. Licenses will be provided by INAS, based on the registration form. Licenses must be installed at least 3 days before the conference.
  • After submitting the registration form you will receive all the necessary steps to activate your license.
. Ansys Mechanical - Agenda
Ansys Mechanical Overview
Ansys Mechanical basics
Workshop 01 – Various local and global mesh controls to enhance the mesh
Workshop 02 – Linear structural analysis of an assembly
Connections: contacts, joints, beams
Workshop 03 - Contact offset control. Contact Tool
Workshop 04 - Using joints to connect parts in an assembly. Component Mode Synthesis (CMS)
Preprocessing tools
Workshop 05 – Using named selections and object generator to minimize the time spent on preprocessing
Workshop 06 – Remote boundary conditions and point mass definition
Nonlinear structural analyses
Workshop 07 - Frictional contact simulation
Workshop 08 - Enhancing a frictional contact interface using APDL commands
Multiple calculation scenarios and loading steps
Workshop 09 - Multiple analysis scenarios using parameters
Workshop 10 - Multistep analysis of a pipe clamp assembly
Explicit dynamics analyses
Workshop 11 – Impact of projectile on a prestressed container
Workshop 12 – Drop test of a bottle containing two different fluids (air and water)
. Ansys HFSS - Agenda

Ansys High Frequency Overview

Introduction to Ansys HFSS

Workshop 01 - Modeling and animation of the electric field passing through a filter of the type: band-pass;

Workshop 02 - Representation of the "S" paramer and the development of the electric field over time at the level of a "T" type connector;

Workshop 03 - Changing the default boundary conditions and representing the fields at the level of the coaxial cube of the finite conductivity conductor.

Workshop 04 - Making a coaxial section of 30 mm length and thick insulation, followed by simulation and consultation of process reports.

. Ansys SIwave - Agenda

Introduction to Ansys Siwave

Workshop 01 - Presentation of the process of configuring ports and extracting PDN (power distribution network, classified as harmful in the design with the help of Ansys Siwave;

Workshop 02 - ]Detailed analysis of a violation: violation of the critical intersection in the reference plane;

Workshop 03 - Violation of the density of the decoupling capacitor;

Workshop 04 - Extracting RLCG models of IC packages and PCBs using ANSYS SIwave-CPA.

. Ansys Explicit Dynamics - Agenda
Ansys Explicit Dynamics Overview

Impact simulation

Workshop 01 – Turbine blade break during impact with a rigid body
Workshop 02 – Circuit board drop test

Multi-material Euler solver

Workshop 03 – Simulation of a hypervelocity copper jet impacting a steel plate
Workshop 04 – Shaped charge analysis

Mesh free - Using of SPH particles (Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics)

Workshop 05 - Impact simulation between a bird and an airplane wing

Using adaptive meshing (LS-DYNA)

Workshop 06 - Simulation of the deep drawing process for a metal sheet

Airbag simulation (LS-DYNA)

Workshop 07 - Dynamic simulation of an airbag



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