High Performance Engineering Solutions 2023


Bentley Water Agenda

Title: Digitalization of the Water Sector In Romania

The presentation (workshop) will focus on the key components and requirements for implementing digital information systems for Water Utilities and the Engineering Consultants / Contractors, such as: GIS, water & sewer hydraulic models, SCADA and telemetry monitoring systems, computerized asset management systems and digital twins.

These integrated digital twins can help solving efficiency problems:

- reducing non-revenue water and leakages

- monitoring, understanding and better insights in the performance of water and sewer networks and plants

- improvement of pumping and energy efficiencies across all assets

- capital improvement planning process

- flood resiliency of the critical infrastructure

- improving water quality and reducing sewer effluents

- carbon neutrality 2030

- integrated digital workflows to support life-cycle of the water and sewer infrastructure

Practical examples and case studies will be demonstrated with open discussion regarding the drivers and barriers for accelerating digital transformation of the Water Sector in Romania.


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