High Performance Engineering Solutions 2023


Bentley Civil Agenda

Digitalization for Road Design Optimization
 - Introduction to Bentley Tools for road Design
 - OpenRoads ConceptStation
 - OpenRoads Designer
 - Survey Data Management
 - Geometry Design
 - Corridor Modelling
 - Road Design reports
 - Design Intent
 - Integration and collaboration among disciplines in a Road Project
 - Federated models in ProjectWise
 - Clash Detection
 - Design Review Workflow
 - Realistic Visualization
 - Drawing production
 - Drainage Engineering
 - Q&A


Quick live demo of OpenRoads ConceptStation
- Bridge Model, Intersection, Roundabouts and Ramp connections.


BIM Workflows
 - Introduction to BIM in infrastructure projects
 - Civil Worksuite for BIM Workflows
 - Acquire, Planning, Design, Analysis and Deliver
 - Interoperability
 - Deliverables
 - BIM Advantages of working in a Bentley Environment
3D Digital Delivery for Bridge Projects: OpenBridge Designer
 - Bentley Systems Bridge Design solution overview
 - OpenBridge Modeler intelligent 3D parametric bridge modeling
 - Advanced bridge design using RM Bridge
3D Digital Delivery for Tunnel Projects: OpenTunnel Designer
 - Bentley Systems Tunnel Design solution overview
 - Tunnel modeling – conventional and TBM
 - Analysis and Reporting
 - Geotechnical Analysis
PLAXIS 2D/3D - Geotechnical engineering software
 - Reliably solve infrastructure challenges
 - Get realistic assessments of stresses and displacements
 - Drive efficiency with multidiscipline workflows
 - Modeling/Materials Models/Calculations/Results/Usage


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