HPES 2021 - Meet The Experts

#Simulation: Invited Speakers (Ansys, Rocky DEM, Moldex, Magma)

- Thierry Marchal, Program Director, Ansys Inc

- Albrecht Gill, Director, EMEA Channel Strategy and Programs - Ansys

- Alberto Ruffino, Product Sales Manager - Southern/Eastern Europe

- Tejas Rao, Manager, WW Discovery Presales

- Richard Mitchell, Director of Product Management, Mechanical Products

- Piotr Resiak, Eastern Europe Channel Manager

- Mircea Popescu, Ansys Motor-CAD Chief Technology Officer

- Anna Kvarnström, Lead Application Engineer - Ansys

[Keywords: Simulation tools, Mechanical CFD, Electromagnetics, Systems Simulation, Optics, Additive Manufacturing]

- Wallace Patterson, Director of Sales - Omiquest

[Keywords: integrated finite element analysis, design optimization software, structural optimization]

- Mounir El Bedraoui, Regional Sales Manager & Channel Developer

[Keywords: 3D Discrete Element Modeling, Simulation, Soil Modeling, Granular-Fluid Systems, Heavy and Process Equipment, Mining and Metal]

- Agnieszka Emma Tracz, Regional Sales Manager Central Europe at Moldex3D Europe

[Keywords: Plastics Injection, Modeling Simulation, Verification, Optimize Product Design]

- Mathias Bodenburg, Sales and Application Support

- Ingo Wagner, Team Leader Customer Service and Application Support, Product Manager Core and Mold

- Horst Bramann, Authorized Signatory, Sales, Account and Partner Management

-Takahiro Aoki, Yamaha Motor Company

[Keywords: Metalcasting Applications, Virtual Experimentation, Simulation, Optimization, Steel Casting Manufacturing, Manufacturing]

- Erke Wang, Managing Director, CADFEM

[Keywords: Dynamics, Modal, Harmonic Response, PSD, Electrical Drive Acoustics, Simulations, LS-DYNA, Motion]

- Márton Grόza, NAFEMS Eastern Europe

[Keywords: Simulation, Finite Element Analysis, Modeling, Fatigue Design]

- Mario J., Felice, Global Manager for Powertrain Calibration, Controls and NVH CAE for Motor Company

[Keywords: Electrification of powertrains, advanced control sensors, autonomous vehicles, CAE simulation]

- Petrica Barbieru, General Manager PRO SYS

[Keywords: Implementarea de soluții hardware pentru business, servere și sisteme de stocare, staţii grafice, sisteme cluster HPC si Big Data]



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