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Join Ansys at the New Virtual Event: Simulation World


Following a record setting inaugural event in 2020, Simulation World 2021 is designed to inspire and educate executives, engineers, R&D and manufacturing professionals about the transformative powers of engineering simulation.

Engage in a full and exhilarating experience including inspirational keynotes from change-making leaders, thought provoking breakout sessions and Ansys expert-guided training — for free!

Explore interactive sessions and spontaneous group discussions and engage in numerous opportunities to network with like-minded professionals. Take advantage of the Simulation World Solutions Center to gain insight from highlighted tech partners that are bridging the digital divide.


The Executive track explores key challenges, trends and breakthroughs in engineering simulation. Designed by and featuring executives, this track explores the business of simulation and of product development across industries ranging from aerospace and defense, automotive, healthcare and high tech. Featuring executives from organizations that employ simulation, attendees will understand the game-changing benefits of simulation and learn why it is an imperative in the modern product development process.

Engineering simulation has the ability to change the world. Speakers in the Leadership track will discuss how simulation and organizations that use it can help to transform our planet. Attendees will hear from leaders on key topics including sustainability, business transformation, diversity and inclusion and the post COVID-19 business environment.

Well-trained engineering students and leading-edge campus-based research will help shape our world. The ability for Academia to prepare students and to conduct research is amplified by effectively integrating simulation and materials education tools into coursework and projects. Hear from professors, educators and students on the role simulation, materials education and collaborative research have played in their success in meeting challenges head-on and solving the unsolvable.

Autonomy is a key pillar in the future of transportation and mobility for people and goods. Demonstrating that autonomous vehicles are safe is the critical engineering challenge addressed by focusing on safety by design and safety by validation. The Automotive industry is undergoing a once in a lifetime transformation driven by digital technologies. Simulation is not only essential for speeding up the pace of innovation but also to test and validate advanced software-based functionalities in modern automobiles.

The pandemic and the resulting remote work have made Cloud-first digital transformation one of the top initiatives for CIOs. According to a recent Forrester study, public cloud adoption is expected to grow 35% through 2021. Additionally, in product engineering, the need to enable more simulations to address growing challenges of product complexity and shorter time to market while still managing costs is accelerating the increasing adoption of high performance computing (HPC) in public cloud.

Free Registration

Registration for Simulation World 2021 is now open. Save your spot by registering today!


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