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Join Ansys at the New Virtual Conference: Simulation World


What do planes, trains, automobiles and wearable technology all have in common? Chances are a company used simulation to design them. To stay ahead of the competition, these companies need to keep their professionals informed about the latest simulation software, trends, standards and best practices.

That is why Ansys is announcing Simulation World, an immersive virtual reality summit. This digital simulation conference is designed to inspire and inform executives, academics, industry leaders, engineers, R&D and manufacturing professionals, technology journalists and more. They will learn how simulation can transform their product development, workflows and customer experiences.

Best of all, the simulation conference is free and available to anyone with an internet connection. It will have tracks that focus on:

- Autonomous technology

- Electrification

- 5G technology

- Digital transformation

- Industrial internet of things (IIoT)

These tracks will have sessions designed for those new to simulation and computer-aided engineering (CAE) experts. As a result, attendees will learn about:

- The future of simulation

- How to design, deploy and operate simulation infrastructure/applications

- Ansys products, services and solutions

What to Expect from Ansys Simulation World?

This simulation conference isn’t just a bunch of webinars clumped together. It’s like any other conference; attendees can engage in a full and exhilarating experience that includes:

- Inspirational keynotes from change-making leaders

- Thought-provoking breakout sessions and experts

- Hands-on, real-time Ansys guidance from an Ask the Experts Bar

- Spontaneous group discussions in live chat rooms

- Like-minded professionals with networking opportunities

Attendees can even interact with a digital partner pavilion, to gain insights from tech partners that bridge the digital divide, and an exhibitor floor complete with stands, videos, downloads and prizes.

A representation of the Ansys Simulation World user interface

A representation of the Ansys Simulation World user interface.       

Free Registration

The amazing part is that everyone can attend this event from the comfort of their desktop, laptop or smartphone. That means you don’t have to hop on a plane, book a hotel or commute in traffic. Attendees will simply need to register, log in and enjoy.

Ansys Simulation World will be held from Wednesday, June 10 to Thursday, June 11.

Don’t miss the virtual event of the year. Register for free today and start preparing for the future!


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