VERICUT simulates 6-axis articulated-arm robot motion from leading robot machine builders including Fanuc, Kuka, ABB, Kawasaki, Motorman and others. VERICUT also supports robots that have additional “external” axes. For example, robots mounted on a linear axis (or a part on a rotisserie axis) can significantly improve robot usefulness, reach, stiffness, speed, and accuracy.

In addition to simulation, VERICUT can also be used to adjust motion and post-process for robots. VERICUT computes joint positions from the incoming tool point commands and orientation, and then post-processes for the specific robot-language program. Most robots are programmed by “teaching.” Off-line programming is preferred when there are many motions, precise positions are needed, or the process must be controlled or traceable.

Typical tasks for off-line programming include:

  • Cutting or trimming
  • Drilling and fastening
  • Fiber-placement

Following are a few videos demonstrating VERICUT’s robot simulation capabilities: