FKM inside Ansys allows fast, automated operational and fatigue strength verification for mechanically stressed components in accordance with the FKM Directive. For all sorts of complex solid components. Final report including the complete representation of the verification parameters which have been used.

FKM inside Ansys


Fast strength evaluation with guideline-compliant verification according to the FKM standard

Development time is expensive and saving time is a competitive advantage. Using FKM inside Ansys minimizes computing time for strength evaluations, even in complex scenarios. The module offers development and manufacturing companies in mechanical engineering the security of reliably and quickly designing their own load-appropriate products with guideline-compliant verification.


  • WB/FKM

Full-surface, guideline-compliant strength verification integrated in Ansys Workbench for non-welded solid components according to FKM

Evaluating the stress results, particularly with cyclic loads, is a recurring task in FEM. The FKM guideline “Computational Strength Verification for Machine Components” describes a static strength verification and a cyclic operational and fatigue strength verification. With WB/FKM, evaluating the FEM results becomes significantly easier.

Feature Highlights

Full integration into Ansys Workbench allows quick and easy definition of the verification parameters. 
Fast and reliable detection of critically stressed points through full-surface verification 
Visualization of the degree of utilization makes it easier to interpret the results
  • WB/FKM Weld

Guideline-compliant strength verification integrated into Ansys Workbench for welds on shell and solid structures according to FKM

The operational stability assessment according to FKM for welded shell and solid structures to determine nominal and structural stresses.

Feature Highlights

Full integration into Ansys Workbench allows quick and easy definition of the verification parameters. 
User support in searching and defining welds 
Presentation of results simplified through visualization of the degree of utilization 
Use of structural stress concept for verification of solid structures

Strength verification at assessment points for non-welded and welded components according to FKM, integrated into Ansys Workbench.

The WB RIFEST module allows various fatigue strength verifications during the component stress analysis. It provides the ability to perform fast and uncomplicated parameter studies, such as variation of material selection, weld notch selection or surface treatment, thereby accelerating the verification process.

Feature Highlights

Fatigue strength verification with constant amplitude or variable amplitude, incl. the required static strength verification 
Strength verification for individual assessment points based on existing local elastic stresses (such as those available from FEM calculations or strain gauge measurements) 
Extensive database of welded and non-welded machine components: rolled steel, cast iron materials, aluminum materials (including material properties) 
Normal and high temperature

Top functions

  • Full-surface strength verification for quick and reliable detection of critically stressed points and critical weld seams
  • Identification of critical load cases through simple load case combination
  • Direct representation of the results of the FKM degree of utilization on the FE model in Ansys