ProjectWise ContextShare

Secure, trusted reality modeling data sharing

Viewing software for reality meshes

ContextShare extends Bentley's ProjectWise connected data environment to securely manage, share, and stream reality meshes, and their input sources, across project teams and applications increasing team productivity and collaboration.  This high-performance cloud service enables you to stream large amounts of reality modeling data without the need for high-end hardware or complex IT infrastructure.

UAV companies, surveying, and engineering firms leveraging reality modeling in-house can quickly access their 3D reality meshes generated with the ContextCapture Cloud Processing Service and all the input files leveraging the latest cloud technology.

ProjectWise ContextShare is accessible through Bentley's software applications, such as MicroStation CONNECT Edition, Bentley Descartes CONNECT Edition, and much more.

The reality modeling visa subscription is required and is your entry point to ProjectWise ContextShare and all the other reality modeling cloud services.


Annotate reality meshes with many types of information 

  • Improve collaboration and communication with the annotation feature. Add value to your reality meshes by creating annotations with information, such as a name, a description, and clickable links to online resources. 

Automatically detect and locate objects in your reality meshes 

  • Leverage 3D machine-learning technology to reduce time and costs associated with the analysis of real-world conditions. Easily apply an existing trained detector or create your own using your reality data. 

Collaborate in real time 

  • Capture and share real-time changes; collaborate on latest documents anywhere and anytime over mobile and desktop devices. 

Connect project participants through an instant-on cloud service 

  • Use a secure cloud-based portal to work from any location and gain built-in data backup and recovery, without needing to install or maintain any software. Connect your entire supply chain with ease, using the secure platform to efficiently collaborate without opening your firewall.

Find documents quickly 

  • Access your latest files and favorite content based on your requirements for accurate document retrieval.

Employ trusted file sharing

  • Eliminate the redundancy and confusion often caused by documents stored on multiple sites and with different applications.

Put files in a project context 

  • Create and manage file sharing with user, workgroup, and team folder structures.