ContextCapture Mobile

INAS Accreditation - Bentley ContextCapture

Simplify and scale your projects allowing anyone on your team to easily document as-is situations affordably, with less investment of time and resources, reducing your costs with ContextCapture Mobile.

ContextCapture Mobile allows you to quickly create and display 3D reality meshes using photos taken with your phone or tablet leveraging Bentley’s ContextCapture Cloud Processing Service. Your reality modeling data will be stored in ProjectWise ContextShare, a cloud service that extends Bentley’s Connected Data Environment. Reality meshes can be streamed to ProjectWise users for use in design, analytical, and construction modeling workflows.

Download the ContextCapture Mobile app from the Apple Store or Google Play. The reality modeling visa subscription is required to access ContextCapture Cloud Processing Service and all other reality modeling cloud services.


Consume imagery from many cameras and sensor types

  • Utilize a wide variety of cameras, from smartphones to highly-specialized airborne or terrestrial multidirectional acquisition systems. Take advantage of any available image format and metadata to create 3D models.

Generate 2D and 3D GIS models 

  • Produce accurate georeferenced 3D models using a full range of geospatial data types including true orthophotos, point clouds, and raster digital elevation models. The application includes an SRS database interface to ensure interoperability with your GIS solution of choice. 

Generate 3D mesh models 

  • Produce 3D models using a range of traditional CAD formats such as OBJ or FBX, point cloud formats, as well as innovative multiresolution meshes like the Bentley open 3SM or 3MX to ensure your models are accessible in your modeling environment. 

Integrate with CAD and GIS workflows 

  • Easily integrate with MicroStation, Autodesk Revit, Graphisoft ArchiCAD, and Trimble SketchUp with support for workflows to remain synchronized with native designs throughout work-in-progress and to import additional content in standard 3D formats. Reliably export vehicle simulations, add section planes, switch on and off layers, and leverage model intelligence for tasks like labeling.

Measure and analyze model data 

  • Save time getting accurate answers by performing precise measurements of distances, volumes, and surface areas directly within the 3D viewing interface.

Perform automatic aerotriangulation and 3D reconstruction 

  • Fully calibrate all images by automatically identifying the relative position and orientation of each photo. Employ automatic 3D reconstruction, texture mapping, and retexturing of ties and reconstruction constraints to ensure highly accurate models.

Publish and view Web-ready models 

  • Produce models of any size that are optimized for Web publishing and that can be viewed using a free plugin Web viewer. This enables instant sharing and visualization of 3D models on the Web.