Integrated Offshore Simulation Software

Minimize offshore project risks with designs optimized using MOSES integrated simulation software. Apply industry best practices for installation and design sequences, and explore design alternatives with the efficiency and flexibility of a unified modeling environment. Simulate complete system response with advanced, integrated solvers for hydrostatic, hydrodynamic, mooring, and structural behavior. Avoid rework and project delays by collaborating with structural teams using integration with SACS.

MOSES helps you solve complex offshore engineering problems and produce accurate high-quality models and platform designs for future reuse. Choose the version that aligns with your project needs:

  • MOSES – Satisfy general transportation requirements with capabilities for stability assessment and motions analysis in the frequency domain
  • MOSES Advanced – Mitigate risks for marine operations by extending MOSES with capabilities for lifting, floatover, and global performance analyses.  Apply either strip theory or radiation-diffraction panel method for calculation of response in the frequency domain, as well as time domain predictions of non-linear vessel motions
  • MOSES Ultimate – Save time by evaluating installation and global performance requirements in a unified offshore-specific system. Expand MOSES Advanced with a complete range of functions from hull modeling and stability calculation, to prediction of motions, mooring and riser analysis, pipelay, and jacket launch

MOSES Capabilities

Analyze floating systems

  • ​Automate global performance analysis using the simulation language to define environmental conditions, specify mooring configurations, and run integrated solvers in a unified environment. Ensure system response is within defined limits over a range of operating conditions.​​

Model offshore vessels and platforms

  • Easily create models of new or existing hulls and transform them to match project requirements. Prepare models of vessels or floating systems using interactive offshore-specific graphical tools. Visualize tank and compartment models during modification to ensure accurate loading definition.​​

Simulate marine operations

  • Manage complex installation sequences and systematically explore design alternatives with comprehensive and customizable scripting tools. Meet offshore engineering challenges using predefined macros based on historical projects to simulate, visualize, and evaluate planned activities. ​​




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