Bentley Map PowerView

Bentley Map PowerView

GIS Software for Viewing and Light Edits

Get the right GIS tools for the level of work you do. Easily view and perform light editing of your 2D/3D geospatial information.

  • Combine your 2D and 3D information for a consolidated spatial presentation
  • Import and access many types of data including Oracle Spatial, Microsoft SQL Server Spatial, Esri File Geodatabase, and Web Features Service (WFS) data and more
  • Use a strong yet flexible application program interface (API) for developing custom GIS applications

Because everyone has different GIS needs and requirements, Bentley Map software is also offered in more robust versions, PLUS a mobile version.


Access maps and geospatial information on field devices

Provide fast access to up-to-date enterprise data to thousands of mobile workers where and when they need it. In-field access to critical information saves time, improves your bottom line, and maintains your competitive edge.

Develop custom GIS applications

Create your own custom GIS application, tailored to your needs. The software is designed with a remarkable degree of flexibility and has an extensive API supporting custom development using C/C++, C#, .NET and other modern programming languages. The kit includes extensive documentation and samples.

Model geospatial objects

Create intelligent geospatial objects with advanced 2D and 3D design productivity innovations using interactive snapping tools. Use tools for dimensioning, annotation, raster display, printing, publishing, and much more.

Review and redline geospatial data

View and mark up geospatial data in a cost-effective way. Perform light editing and feature acquisition in the field or in the office.