Mobile Software for Civil Engineers

OpenRoads Navigator is an easy-to-use, dynamic mobile software that provides quick access to civil data in the field. You can interactively view, analyze, and augment a wide variety of project information, including reviewing existing terrain, 3D models, and 2D topographies. Improve project coordination and accelerate collaboration through faster reliable capture of feedback from field staff. The result is better decisions throughout the lifecycle of a project, while minimizing risk. 

With OpenRoads Navigator, you can work better together to speed approvals and resolve issues during design, construction, and operations. Use the app to combine design artifacts with pay item tracking for field inspection. You can take advantage of integrated GPS in both 2D and 3D models with linear and physical coordinate systems. You can collaborate between office, site, and field to gain insight into project planning and execution for faster resolution of issues found in the field. OpenRoads Navigator integrates with ProjectWise to support collaboration with all team members.


Access drawings, documents, and models

  • Review, navigate, and mark-up 3D i-models along with associated drawings and documentation of all sorts.

Collect data

  • ​Ensure that all field data is collected instantly in a consistent way. Reduce the need for manual data entry and workflows through customizable forms to enter and synchronize data back to the project.

Connect to ProjectWise and other repositories

  • ​Ensure you have the latest shared version of project information by securely accessing models and related files through integration with ProjectWise.

Navigate models immersively

  • ​Intuitively navigate and interact with 3D models. Perform virtual walkthroughs and immersively explore and investigate the models and their embedded property data.

Resolve issues

  • ​Speed the reliable resolution of issues discovered by project team members by using forms, cloud services, and automated workflows.

Touch to navigate

  • ​Enjoy a touch interface on devices such as tablets and large screen touch devices to use the application and interact with models. Employ common gestures to rotate, zoom, and pan.

Work connected or disconnected

  • ​Use the same applications whether in the field, in the office, or on-site, and synchronize whenever you have time, with the ability to work on models and associated documents without network connectivity.