Hevacomp Electrical Designer - Complex building electrical systems designed with ease

Building Electrical Design Software

Design and analyze building electrical systems with Hevacomp Electrical Designer software, and meet the needs and standards of the United Kingdom. With simple-to-use design tools, you can quickly design complex, high-performance electrical systems with ease.

  • Building regulations: Supports compliance and standards in the United Kingdom
  • Extensive database: Provides and maintains an extensive database for easy access to luminaire, source data, and protective devices
  • Reports: Robust reports available with customization to meet your needs

Hevacomp Electrical Designer Capabilities

Analyze and size cables

  • Design, analyze, and size cables that are compliant with the electrical installations of British Standard 7671. Ensure the safety of electrical wiring in domestic, commercial, industrial, and other buildings.

Design building electrical systems

  • Model complex building electrical systems with integrated design lighting programs. Create more efficient designs that reduce capital investment and energy costs.

Design lighting systems

  • Design lighting systems with advanced lighting capabilities. View lighting levels on all surfaces within rooms form any angle with a 3D visualization module. Access an extensive database of luminaire and source data.