Hevacomp Dynamic Simulation - Building energy analysis simplified

Building Simulation Software

Easily perform building analysis using dynamic simulation with EnergyPlus, a global standard for dynamic simulation. With Hevacomp Dynamic Simulation, you can design accurate building simulations while staying compliant with United Kingdom building regulations. Simplify your building analysis process by using one common building model for calculations and complex building simulations.

  • EnergyPlus: Provides you with a quick and easy way to simulate buildings and perform energy analysis using an industry standard for dynamic simulation
  • One model: Uses one common building model for calculations and complex building simulations that reduces time spent re-entering data and information
  • Weather database: Access to an extensive weather database of more than 7,000 locations worldwide for accurate energy simulation

Hevacomp Dynamic Simulation Capabilities

Analyze whole building energy

  • Perform whole building energy simulations that go beyond HVAC and lighting analysis. Compare design alternatives and make well-informed decisions to improve building design. 

Integrate with building mechanical services data

  • Fully simulate projects with the EnergyPlus simulation engine. Conduct steady state calculations and complex building simulations with one common building model. Use the same design database in Bentley's Hevacomp Mechanical Designer to reduce risks in data exchange and communication. 

Operate with industry-standard EnergyPlus

  • Incorporate the EnergyPlus simulation engine, the emerging standard for the industry developed by the U.S. Department of Energy. Determine building energy loads and explore building HVAC systems and design options by simulating and analyzing building energy performance.