Bentley 2D/3D GIS and Mapping Software

Engineering-quality GIS and Mapping Software

Take advantage of a comprehensive range of geospatial applications for enterprise, desktop, and mobile computing equipment. Discover the Bentley Map edition that best suits your needs and requirements.

Map Enterprise

Bentley Map Enterprise
Mapping software for enterprise editing, analysis, and management of 2D/3D geospatial information as well as raster image management.

Map PowerView

Bentley Map PowerView
View and perform light edits to your 2D/3D maps and geospatial information.


Bentley Map
Mapping software for editing, analysis, and management of 2D/3D geospatial information, including map finishing and advanced parcel management.

Map Mobile

Bentley Map Mobile
Gain in-field access to your enterprise GIS and infrastructure data via your tablet.

Map Mobile Publisher

Bentley Map Mobile Publisher
Publish and index your GIS data how you want it for field use.

OpenUtilities Designer

OpenUtilities Designer
Speed your utility design with the precision of MicroStation-based layout tools. Cut costs when you design and manage your network in one application. 

OpenUtilities Map

OpenUtilities Map
Enhance your network information management and reduce costs with a full-featured utilities GIS that scales economically to your needs. 

OpenUtilities PowerView

OpenUtilities PowerView
Speed management reviews and field work with a streamlined, cost-effective application to view, explore, and markup your network designs and maps.