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ArCADiasoft (formerly INTERsoft) released in 1997 is a comprehensive, object-oriented BIM system, that enables various designers to collaborate in an easy and intuitive way. ArCADiasoft is a user-friendly tool for comprehensive calculation/graphics support of a building engineering design process, which allows communication between individual fields. It includes collision detection and import/ exports in well known formats: IFC,DXF,DWG and ACP.

ArCADiasoft is the biggest Polish manufacturer of software for building engineering. ArCADia is written in the BIM technology and includes modules for architecture, constructions and installations.

Basic Modules

ArCADia BIM basic modules


ArCADia BIM architectural modules


ArCADia BIM electrical modules

Gas Supply

ArCADia BIM gas supply modules




ArCADia BIM telecommunications modules

Water Supply

ArCADia BIM water supply modules

Additional Modules

ArCADia BIM additional modules

Construction Modules

ArCADia BIM construction modules

Tool Modules

ArCADia BIM tool modules

3D Elements Libraries

ArCADia - 3D Elements Libraries

R3D3-Rama 3D

R3D3-Rama 3D



ArCon Elements Libraries

ArCon elements libraries