Ansys SeaHawk

Ansys SeaHawk is the first Ansys product based on the new SeaScape Elastic Compute architecture for electronic design automation (EDA). Designed to handle extremely large data sets and computations across distributed machines, Ansys SeaScape allows designers of advanced system-on-chip designs (SoCs) to assess more electromigration (EM) and voltage drop (IR) scenarios per day and develop a high-level of confidence of their design prior to sign-off.


The underlying big data architecture of the SeaHawk compute engine provides orders of magnitude better scalability and the ability to perform parametric sweeps and analytics not possible with existing tools. The ability to scale linearly in capacity and performance allows chip reliability objectives to be co-designed with the package and system and reduce costly overdesigns.


  • In-design static and dynamic voltage drop analysis
  • In-design electromigration analysis
  • Power delivery network optimization
  • Elastic compute engine for high scalability
  • Flexible data analytics for multi-domain information
  • Fast turnaround for early design robustness checks