Ansys optiSLang

Ansys optiSLang is a Workbench Plug-in that optimizes your product designs by combining the powerful parametric modeling capabilities of Ansys Workbench with the Robust Design Optimization (RDO) methods of optiSLang. The optiSLang toolbox includes modules for sensitivity analysis, optimization and robustness evaluation that you can easily drag and drop into a Workbench project to form an interactive process chain. This process workflow enables your engineering teams to improve product performance, identify optimization potential, quantify risks and secure resource-efficiency..


  • Automatically identifies important parameters during sensitivity analysis.
  • Automatically creates the best possible regression functions (meta models) to accurately forecast response variations in a given sample set.
  • Provides multidisciplinary and multi-objective optimization.
  • Evaluates the robustness of your product design.
  • Uses optiSLang’s minimalist philosophy to reduce the number of CAE solver runs.
  • Enables you to design for large numbers of parameters and non-linear RDO tasks.
  • Allows you to pre-define attributes of pre-processing results for greater efficiency and insight.
  • Gives you flexible, text-based interfacing tools that can connect Ansys products —  or any scriptable products — that may be part of your engineering process.
  • Interfaces between optiSLang GUI and parametric Ansys Workbench models via optiSLang’s Ansys Workbench integration node.
  • Easily switches from Workbench integrated to interfacing mode at any time.
  • Provides full functionality, including support for parameters and responses not extractable or integrated in Ansys Workbench, e.g. non-scalable responses such as load displacement curves.
  • Gives you increased flexibility to include 3rd party solvers — as well as Ansys technology — in the process chain.