Ansys DesignXplorer

Ansys DesignXplorer is an integrated Workbench application that leverages the persistent and automated power of Ansys Workbench for parametric analyses. It enables you to explore, understand and optimize your design so you can apply simulation to drive product development.


You can add DesignXplorer's systems (parameters correlation, direct optimization, response surface, response surface optimization or Six Sigma analysis) to the ANSYS Workbench schematic with drag-and-drop simplicity. Response surface systems are equipped with a variety of design of experiment (DOE) algorithms to efficiently and scientifically sample the design space before applying state-of-the-art response surface technology to accurately model the design space. Single- and multi-objective optimization algorithms can use the multi-dimensional response surface to quickly find the optimal design. Advanced direct optimization is also available, along with adaptive optimization algorithms that combine the best features of response-surface and direct optimization. Design exploration tools calculate correlation and sensitivity as well as a host of other insightful metrics. Six Sigma analysis uses information about the statistical distribution of your input parameters to ensure that your design is robust.

Ansys DesignXplorer drives Workbench for easy to use multiphysics optimization. If you can set up a project in Workbench, it usually only takes a few extra clicks for DesignXplorer to be ready to optimize your design. DesignXplorer then produces charts and tables for interactive design exploration and sensitivity analysis. These help you understand your design space so that you can make better engineering decisions. Optimization algorithms enable the software to propose better designs.


  • Multiphysics Optimization: Easy-to-use, physics independent, all-in-one tool for sensitivity, optimization and basic robust design analysis
  • Interactive Optimization: Comprehensive set of graphical tools for interactive design investigation
  • Fast ROI: Delivers high value quickly to perform comprehensive sensitivity analyses and optimization for better designs
  • Customizable: DesignXplorer is python scriptable and ACT customizable.
  • Efficient Parameter Filtering: Use correlation to filter out less relevant parameters
  • DOE: A variety of DOE methods are available. Custom DOE methods can be added.
  • Response Surface Technology: Leading edge response surface accuracy finds the best possible reduced order model for each output. Auto refinement, Goodness of Fit, cross validation, verification points and other features are built in.
  • Sensitivity Analysis: Comprehensive set of charts and tables to help you understand your design and investigate it interactively.
  • Export: All tables and charts are included in the report and can be exported. Reduced order models (ROMs) can also be exported in either FMU or DXROM format.
  • Optimization: A variety of industry leading, single- and multi-objective optimization algorithms are available. Direct, response-surface-based and hybrid adaptive optimization algorithms are featured. Other optimization algorithms can easily be added as Workbench extensions.
  • Six Sigma analysis: For robust design analysis, you can enter manufacturing and operational variations to ensure that your design results meet Six Sigma quality.


  Ansys DesignXplorer