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From Optics and Illumination Design to Photonics and Imaging

Ansys optical simulation helps you design your optical systems faster than ever. As lasers and other optical breakthroughs are becoming ever more important and more prevalent, modeling light propagation and its impact has become crucial. Ansys software can uniquely simulate optical performance within a system and can evaluate the final illumination effect. This unparalleled virtual product development enables you to improve your optical product performance, from lighting systems to illumination and lasers, while reducing development time and costs at the same time.


The Ansys illumination design flow delivers unparalleled simulation speed and accuracy for the modeling, optimization and visualization of illumination optics. With a complete illumination design software environment, you can produce uniform illumination from real light sources, and remedy the issue of nonuniform illumination sources which plague illumination design.

Imaging systems

Ansys’ imaging design capabilities enable you to design, optimize and validate reliable imaging optics, such as cameras and sensors. The powerful lens design system and ray tracing simulation lets you visualize the impact of mechanical design variations on optical performance and create safe next-generation imaging systems.

Laser and photonics

Ansys laser and photonics simulation software is ideal for applications which depend on the accurate use of laser, fiber optics or nanoscale optical structures. Ansys software lets you design, analyze and optimize the most complex systems, easily managing photonic/optoelectronic components and creating next-generation optical systems.

CAD integration

Integrated into leading CAM/CAD solutions, Ansys optical simulation is the best application for engineers to package optical systems in CAD software. Eliminate errors caused by importing and exporting data and realize significant time savings by working on your lighting design directly within your CAD system.

Optical applications

Our physics-based imaging, photonics and illumination simulation software streamlines the design process, so you can better understand how your product behaves. You can quickly optimize your design using simulation, instead of wasting time building and testing costly prototypes. So whether it's a TV screen, a headlamp, a telescope or a fiber optic network, Ansys software can help you design more efficient products.



SPEOS is a comprehensive lighting ans illumination software for thr design, optimization, visualization and validation of any optical system.




VRXPERIENCE is a real-time and interactive platform to create, test and experience your product or system in real-world conditions, virtually.