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Material Intelligence with Ansys Granta

Every product is made from materials. You need to base your decisions and analysis on the right information about those materials. And you need to apply that information correctly. The Ansys Granta product range can help. Granta software ensures accurate, consistent, traceable materials information every time and provides the tools you need to support design, research and teaching.

Enterprise material intelligence

Ansys GRANTA MI is the leading system for materials information management in engineering enterprises. A single “gold source” for your organization’s materials IP saves time, cuts costs and eliminates risk. Capture and re-use vital knowledge about your metals, plastics and composites. Provide reliable data for CAD, CAE and PLM. Drive material innovation, empower design and solve materials-related business problems.

Smart materials decisions

Ansys CES Selector is the standard tool for materials selection and graphical analysis of materials properties. A comprehensive materials data library plus unique software tools enable you to use materials to innovate and evolve your products; quickly identify solutions to material issues; confirm and validate your choice of materials; and reduce material and development costs.

Supporting materials education

CES EduPack is a unique set of teaching resources that supports materials education across engineering, design, science and sustainable development.

Granta Materials Data for Simulation

Easily access materials input data for simulation, with broad coverage of materials classes, from within Ansys Mechanical. This new dataset is drawn from the industry-standard materials data library, providing the material property data you need for structural analysis.

The data are collated and maintained by the Ansys Granta data products team. Cambridge University spinoff, Granta Design, was acquired by Ansys in February 2019, and is the leading provider of materials information and related software technology. Granta Materials Data for Simulation is based on proven sources, including Granta’s comprehensive MaterialUniverse database and the JAHM dataset from JAHM Software, Inc. Ongoing updates will extend the coverage of the data.

Key features:

  • Broad coverage of materials classes, with focus on metals and plastics.
  • More than 600 datasheets detailing physical properties to support Ansys simulation.
  • Room-temperature materials properties of the following types for all materials:
    • Linear, isotropic elastic (Young's modulus and Poisson's ratio).
    • Failure (tensile yield strength and tensile ultimate strength).
    • Thermomechanical (thermal expansion coefficient).
    • Thermal (thermal conductivity and specific heat capacity).
    • Electrical (electrical resistivity).
  • Many materials also include temperature-dependent properties.
  • Fully integrated: Find the data you need and instantly apply them without leaving the Mechanical interface.


Ansys Granta Materials data simulation
  • Easy access to the materials data you need, embedded within ANSYS Mechanical.
  • Simulation-ready — no time wasted on data input or conversion.
  • Data you can rely on — ensure accurate simulations with Granta data.