Altium is company that provides PC-based electronics design software for engineers who design printed circuit boards - INAS S.A. is partner and authorized reseller of products Altium in Romania in 2021.

Designers need tools that help them make the most of modern technologies, successfully manage projects, and deliver connected, intelligent products.

Altium Designer

Altium Designer
The industry’s leading PCB design software combining schematic, layout, and everything else you need in one environment to effortlessly design printed circuit boards.

Altium Designer SE

Altium Designer System Engineering
Altium Designer (SE) is a fully-featured editor for schematics that includes powerful collaboration capabilities and a rich set of schematic capture tools to quickly create, edit, simulate, and document schematics.

PDN Analyzer

Altium - PDN Analyzer
Create the most efficient power delivery networks in your PCB designs directly in Altium Designer with the PDN Analyzer extension.

Altium Designer is known for excellence in native 3D Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Computer Aided Design. By incorporating all the tools engineers and PCB designers need into a single, stress-free user interface, Altium Designer dramatically increases design successes, while reducing overall design times. From concept to PCB design, 3D modeling, and output generation for final manufacture, Altium Designer provides an efficient, powerful workflow for board-level electronics designers.

Altium electronic design tools are used in a variety of industries by engineers.

PCBs are at the heart of intelligent systems

Virtually every electronic product is constructed with one or more Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs), which act as the carrier of all electronic components, microchips, FPGAs, electromechanical parts and embedded software.

PCBs support and electrically connect components using conductive tracks, pads and other features (essentially layers of copper sheets laminated together, with each layer having thousands of intricate copper traces). The design of PCBs for ever more complex devices requires sophisticated electronic design automation software.

Altium is led by a team of highly experienced leaders with a combined deep knowledge and expertise within the Electronic Design Automation industry and responsible public company management.