Founded 1991 with origins in the aviation industry, INAS maintains its position of major provider for best-in-class CAD/CAM/CAE/PLM/IoT/AR software solutions, training, technical support and consulting services. The company is being recognized on the Romanian and international market as a leading technical consulting center for a wide spectrum of industrial applications from automotive, aerospace and heavy equipment to nuclear and defense.

INAS was founded on the belief that working together as a team with our customers is fundamental to a successful and long term partnership. The company is committed to deliver the services in a timely manner and with high accuracy of results. Customization of services is also an important component of our job, we always seek to offer the most suitable solution to every customer, no matter we’re talking about software implementations, technical support and training or consulting projects.

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Why us?

If you need to design and test your products faster and better with lower costs. If you need the best-in-class CAD/CAM/CAE/PLM software or technical expertise. If you need better support and training.

We are a dynamic and flexible company able to respond promptly to customer requirements with modern and efficient solutions for computer aided design and engineering. Implementing our solutions and know-how in your product development process leads to shorter design, optimization, testing and manufacturing cycles, with important implications in time and cost reduction.


Structural and thermal simulations are a critical component in our ​new products ​development process and​ INAS technical support together with the​ solutions provided​, ​gave​ us​ ​the possibility to work more efficiently, which was appreciated by ​our entire organization. We also managed to ​get involved into projects​ of a high complexity​, ​gaining customer confidence through professionalism and ​also through fast, detailed execution and presentation, possibly because of the ​technical solutions provided by Your company.




The information we have received from INAS ​in regarding ​customization ​of ​certain features ​in ANSYS Workbench, ​were of great help for me. ​The data we required arrived promptly, as usual, sparing me from hours​ and hours​ of searching.


Călin CABA


The ​ANSYS product that we ​have, give us the flexibility required to deliver engineering solutions in the design process of our products. ANSYS delivers optimal​ simulation​ solutions​,​ according to user requirements.

​It convinced us that ​this is the ideal product​,​ ​taking into consideration the ​quality/price ratio​, ​that will improve​ our​product development time and ​will ​minimize ​the ​cost​s​.




INAS is our strategic partner since 1995, a​ promptly and steady​ adviser​, a​ company with CAD/CAM/CAE top software solutions,​ always ​at our disposal to help ​in support​ing ​competitiveness in teaching​ process​, research and last but not least, ​in ​debat​ing​ current scientific​ topics.


Cristina PUPĂZĂ

Ph. Dr. Engineer, Politechnical University from Bucharest

I know ​INAS company since 2009, ​and although we have contractual relations ​only since 2014, they were always willing to help us with technical support and more. ​They are always ​ready for meet​ing​ ​costomer's expectations, solving ​our problems in a professional manner. ​Promoting and implementing new solutions was their constant concern. ​The conferences and ​the ​seminars ​held by INAS ​are ​the place where ​specialists of different ​domains c​an​ share information and personal experiences related to ​the ​software​ solutions​ ​that​ INAS​ resells​. All ​that INAS​ did so​ far has demonstrated professionalism - ​all way ​from the manager to the​ company​ specialists .

Thank​s​ to​ INAS


Head of Civil and Structural Department, IPIP PLOIEŞTI

ANSYS ​has​ become an important tool for ​the activity of ​develop​ing​ new products in our enterprise. With ​its help ​we​ have greatly expanded ​our ​research ​field and ​we ​improved product design.




Today's development projects ​time​ require​s​ increa​sed​ time​ response​ and adaptability to unforeseen circumstances. INAS through software solutions and ​irreprochable ​technical support, helps us meet these challenges so that we maintain our market leading position.



Team leader, RODE Engineering Services - STABILUS ROMÂNIA

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